Group Meditation: Yes, It Can Heal the World

With the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, your stressful life in the office and at home, it is just normal to seek for ways by which you can find peace and relaxation. A trip to the spa and a good night sleep may help, but they may not suffice. One of the things that can be helpful would be meditation, specifically yoga. If you meditate, you can be connected with your inner self and find calmness. It also provides a wide array of physical benefits.
Before, if you want to meditate, you will most probably do it at home and on your own. In today’s modern times, you can now use a meditation app, such as “Medidate”, to gather other people and to do it in groups. The latter can be beneficial in ways more than one, including the assertions that it can indeed prove to be effective in healing the world.

How Meditation can Promote World Peace

The assertion that group meditation can bring world healing is not merely based on unfounded claims. It is an assertion that is backed with evidence from science. It was in 1960 when it has been predicted by a yogi that the practice of transcendental meditation by at least 1% of the general population can bring measurable impacts on the quality of life. Based on a study published in 1976, when 1% of the members of the local community practiced transcendental meditation, the crime rate was brought down by at least 16%. Several studies have followed to investigate whether peace could indeed be achieved when people meditate.
In other countries, several studies have also been conducted, and the results revealed that when people meditate in groups, there are favorable outcomes that could be instrumental in achieving world peace. In two studies in Metro Manila, Philippines, quality of life, in general, has been improved because of group meditation. The same findings were true in studies in Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, and Puerto Rico, among others.
Through group meditation, it is believed that dynamisms become one and hence, resulting in greater harmony. When people meditate in groups, not only one person is able to enjoy its benefits on well-being, but the entire group and the entire community.

A New Way to Meditate in Groups

Through the years, as meditation and yoga to be specific, became more popular, various technologies have also been introduced. For instance, you can now use a meditation app to look for other people who are interested in meditating. One of the perfect examples of the latter is the Medidate app. With this yoga app, it will be easy to publish classes or events in a specific location. Students can sign up and attend the classes that have been advertised. This is a good way to medtiatein groups, and as it has been mentioned above, be instrumental in healing of the world.

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